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Glory Days: The UK's number one Bruce Springsteen tribute band

Fantastic review of the Banbury show by local journalist Steve Miller...

'Glory Days'
Mill Arts Centre Banbury
20th February 2016

The UK's premier Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band tribute made their Banbury debut on Saturday to an enthusiastic and knowing audience with a storming 3 hour set full of hits and anthems.
The complete 7 piece outfit delivered flawless interpretations of the Boss with tight musical ability that was reflective of the 20 years they have been performing nationwide.

Early highlights came by way of the superb and underrated ' Brilliant Disguise' and the bombastic charge of 'Im Going Down'
Whilst the band ( quite rightly) admit to not being lookalikes, Kev Jamieson the frontman with the main vocal duties has the relevant swagger and nuances of the New Jersey legend, and a voice that has the right level of grittiness and power to deliver an astonishing sound which at times is so accurate its uncanny. Credit must also go to the rest of the band who replicate the feel of the originals , delivered with a true passion that is obvious and shown in the performance.

The second set picked up the pace further with ' Born in the USA' an incredible 'Because the Night' ( A hit Bruce wrote for Patti Smith) and the crowd pleasing 'Rosalita'
A great touch, and rare attention to detail saw the band invite an audience member onstage for 'Dancing in the Dark' which was duly noted by all the hardcore fans and reviewer alike. See the original video .
The evening was brought to a fitting climax with (the obvious) 'Glory Days' and the most famous of the Springsteen legend ' Born to Run' where Kevin Rendall's Sax came into its own.

The Mill has not seen a 3 hour set in my memory, and this sublime, hard working and dedicated group of musicians deserved the deafening, appreciative applause that rang around the Oxfordshire Venue,
We will never see the original E Street band now , but these Glory Days are as close as you will get. The great Man himself would ( hungry) heartily approve.

Steve Miller


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